January 21, 2009

Appleicious Testing

The testers are now working hard at piecing the blocks. Here are the 3 other colorways they are working on.

Appleicious is split into:
1. Spartan - borderless blocks with pieced or non-pieced border and

2. McIntosh - bordered blocks with pieced or non-pieced border.

January 4, 2009

Appleicious Count Down

Happy New Year to everyone!

At this part of the world it has been crazy snowing. I haven't shovelled this much snow since the early 80's. My driveway has 3-4 foot / 0.9-1.2 m banks on each side. It is at the point where the snow has to be thrown up over the top to the other side. The top of these banks have also been pushed off to the back so more snow can be piled on. Just crazy!
Been waiting for a Chinook, warm wind from over the mountains, to come and raise the temperature to 5C or 40F and melt the snow. After 9 weeks, it has finally warmed up to 0C or 32F. It feels like t-shirt and shorts weather. ;o) According to some of the younger generation here, wearing pants is for the weak. Wearing shorts in the winter was started a few years ago on a bet between some of the Loomis, now DHL, delivery guys. That's another story. Suppose to be 3C this week but, that can also be wishful thinking on the weatherman's part. Okay, enough of this, on to quilting.
Finally, the six companion/filler blocks are figured out for the Appleicious block of the month. It took forever. Now to finish writing the sashing and various borders instructions. The testers are ready and waiting and the fabric is on order. It's so exciting when this point is reached. It's so close you can see the end.

These 2 blocks are block 6 shown in 2 blue colorways. There will also be a red-green and a yellow-red colorway sample. Soooo many colorways to choose from in the Cider Mill Road line!