January 23, 2023

Winter Wedge Kaleido

     Our Wednesday walk along the Bow River started out foggy and nippy leaving behind beautiful frosted shrubs. In the past, I would say hoar frost but was corrected on a trip to Lake Louise to call it rime ice. Never heard of rime ice. Since I wasn't up at night by the river to actually say which one is correct, I'm going with frosted ice.
Between Calgary and Canmore the amount of ground snow varies from almost nil to one foot. But, at beautiful Lake Louise it is definitely winter. The day felt like shorts and t-shirt weather, spring skiing weather. 

Hiking the hike out down to the Village we go along a gurgling creek. Hard walking on soft packed snow.

One side of the Great Divide Trail is Alberta, the other side is BC, British Columbia. There were groomed x-country ski trails and another trail that I thought was for skidooing. 

Nope, it was for dog sledding. When we had lunch here, the sleds and dogs were just getting set up. Once the riders got into the sleds, ear piercing cacophony took over the silence.

   When I'm hiking/walking many ideas come to mind. You may have seen the Alaska quilt kit that I pieced for our guild raffle. It was challenging. But, once I got the hang of it, no problem. Really the quilt has only 3 blocks. It's the fabric placement that changes the look of the block.

The Deb Tucker Studio 180 Wedge ruler and Marti Michel's Kaleido ruler both work well when making this quilt. Because I like to cut larger pieces then trim down the Wedge ruler works better for me. To make only the kaleido block, the Kaleido ruler was better for me. Using these rulers gave me the idea to make a sampler of various wedge and kaleido blocks. So stay tuned for the first block and follow along. Until next time, 


It's been such a busy morning telling mom to feed me NOW. And I'd really
like to get up and tell you all about it, but it's nap time.


January 2, 2023

One Word 2023 Resolution

WITH a New Year comes people talking about making Resolutions. Putooey! to that I say. Myself, I do not remember making any resolutions, ever. Well definitely not out loud or written down for all the world to see. Maybe in my head, and that didn't get too far.

But, after finishing a romance mystery last week, where four women, of various ages and stages in their lives, had made a ONE WORD resolution, I thought, easy peasey. Pick the One Word, any word. How hard can that be! There are lots of words. Hmmm. 

My first choice was BEGIN. Yes. I am a fantastic beginner. I love to begin anything and everything. To finish is another story, unless on a deadline. Okay, then choose FINISH. Oops, maybe not because that means I have to finish anything and everything started. No way. I get bored or stop at a certain point because I don't like doing the next step or I don't want to finish at all. Instead, maybe throw away or give away. Hmmm. That sounds like CLEARING. Yes, I can clear away.

Examples - suggestions:
Clear the mind - go for a walk/drive/sew.
Clear the body - eat, ugh, more fruit less junk.
Clear the closet - give away clothes, shoes.
Clear the garage - recycle empty, saved, just in case boxes.
Clear the cubby hole and junk drawer - dried up pens, solidified erasers, scrap paper that has old notes.
Clear the room - donate supplies, furniture, recycle electronics.
Clear the quilts - finish or give to someone else to finish (I have a great group of gals that will finish the quilts I do not want to finish and then give away to someone).
Clear the soul - reenergize YOU.

What is your One Word resolution?

YOU humans and the new year resolutions. Okay, if I must, my resolution is to sleep more, ignore more, order you more than I did last year. That makes my One Word, MORE. Seems like more fun is to be had in 2023.