July 28, 2014

Dots & Stripes

The one thing about quilting there is never a mistake. There are pleasant surprises and new designs.
This dot and stripe pillow cover is a delightful surprise. Initially the stripes were suppose to all match up. I didn't realize that some of the striped pieces had to be cut differently until laying out the second row. Then, I was too lazy to re-cut. Voila, the Sheriff Badge!


July 21, 2014

Hexagon Camping

It was finally a cooler weekend, so being torn between sewing or outside enjoying the sun was no problem. I finally broke down and made hexagons. Now, I'm in love with them. Especially in love with the stripes. So many patterns can be created using stripes. The more I did the more the ideas snowballed.

Isn't that interesting, how the camera does weird things to stripes.

Saturday night, the community had a camping night on the beach for about 20 tents. The next morning it rained.
Do you see something that is not like the other ones?
Do you remember camping in the 70's?
There was always a VW van at the campground. Well people, the 70's are still alive! They even tried to fake it by staking tent ropes around the van.


July 13, 2014

It's Hot

This summer the temperature is already 30 Celsius. This does not happen until August. One thing good about the heat is that during the hottest time you can spend time quilting. These are three of the latest Bed Runners.

The other good thing about the heat is that the roses love it and they just keep blooming. Having two different kinds works well because when one is finished and rejuvenating the other blooms.