October 17, 2010

The Reorganization

Reorganization of my studio has been a very, very, very long time coming. Five years in fact. Life, well reality got in the way. Owning a quilt store and a trucking company, selling the store, becoming a widow, retiring me and the trucking company.  It's unfathomable how 3 years of retirement has flown - mach 20. The studio reached a point that everything had spread into 3 rooms and in order to create a quilt, hours were spent looking through the stash for what I knew that I had and needed for the quilt. It all started out organized, but, as the books and fabrics came home to live they began to take over. It also didn't help that when auditioning fabric for the next quilt the fabric was never put back properly. Where is the clean up fairy? It's always been a blessing that the amount of fabric accumulated has never been questioned even before my DH got into super comp drag racing - the highest level before one requires a national sponsor.

The reorganization began Oct 8. I began librarytising  my books into an excel spreadsheet. Got about a third complete, got bored, then started refolding the fabric. To date about half of the fabric has been refolded, sorted and placed on a 24" deep shelfing unit. It is unbelievable as to the release of anxiety that has happened as well as amount of creativity that is again running around in my head. I can hardly keep up with all of the new inspirations of colors for quilt designs. Eight very large fabric bins once existed in the section where the 3 columns of fabric are. Eight more bins exist under the next section where the small colored containers are behind the green uv prevention fabric. Then in the end section on the right hand side are bolts of fabric. Do I really have enough fabric?!?!