October 12, 2020

150 Rerun Computers Ack!

   Did everyone have a full feeling Thanksgiving? The turkey was not the only creature that was stuffed.

   There was a time many decades a decade ago I actually loved computers. The internet, blogs, Facebook. I was even a programmer and beta tester at one time. The smarter the phone, tablets, ieverything becomes the more I want to go back to analog flip phones. The more the platforms grow the more they change. What I once followed is now almost impossible. Even the platforms are making it so that it is a problem to follow my favourite people and animals. They have even limited my favourite see firsts or all posts. 

I've been working on getting set up for online tutorials and classes. Unfortunately, the new laptop is not cooperating. Just when I've become comfortable being on camera, none of the cameras will work through the new laptop. Does the laptop camera know something I don't? It's probably one little box to check. What I learned as a programmer, the computer is only as good as the operator and the programmer who programmed it. What I learned as a beta tester, I can always screw up the program and the more it is to be foolproof the worse I manage to mess it up. They finally had to add something to follow my keystrokes to figure out what went wrong. 

  To join the 150 quilt rerun you MUST have the pattern. Many of you downloaded it a couple years ago. That's excellent. If not, then it is available in CD or PDF format on quiltnasium.com. Only if you have the pattern and answer the questions, can you join the facebook group, 150 Cdn Quilt Rerun.