April 17, 2011

Cincinnati Quilt Festival

Cincinnati Quilt Festival was wonderful! Very clean city. Excellent venue. Two major hotels across the street, one a short block away, another two short blocks away. Classes were excellent. The food not the usual large venue food but instead diverse and very edible. Definitely worth a return to next year. Maybe next year will attend the ball game as well.

One of the tours offered at Quilt Festival in Cincinnati went to the Warren County Museum in Lebanon OH. Two particular and different articles caught my eye. The first, an Irish Chain quilt pattern on point ...

the second, a crystal pitcher.

The eye in the center is from the other side of the pitcher.

So many quilts to view at the show. This year I am particularly interested in how people quilt their quilts. How do they fill the large areas, the very small areas, the separate blocks, the border, the separate borders...

All so impressive!

Can you see Whoo welcomed me home.

Must be a night owl pretending to sleep on the branch above the magpie nest.

Oops, Whoo watches me now!

After 6 hours of periodically disturbing him to take a picture he flew off. It was interesting to note that the sparrows and chickadees were not bothered with him as they flew in and out of the tree beside this spruce.

Here we go again. Heavy wet snow that melts the same day only to snow again a couple days later and stay for a few days. Welcome to Spring in Calgary Alberta Canada!

Just had to take a picture of this.

The fabrics have been choosen for, LOL, Spring Crocus.