September 29, 2013

Summer Jumping Pound

This pair of quilts are from the Summer Daze pattern.

The hike this week was way easier. Lots of up and down but, not straight up. Because summer has been extended this year, the forest is just starting to turn color. Am certain that when the first frost comes it will be instant color immediately after. These pictures were taken by one of the shutterbugs on the hike. You can barely see the creek through the trees. At the higher elevation, you can really see the devastation of what the swollen creek did in the spring flood.

Jumping Pound Creek

Jumping Pound Creek from higher up
Finally, our wonderful view of Moose Mountain, snow covered, during lunch.
Moose Mountain

September 23, 2013

Urban Hiking

Here are two quilts in the Urban setting pattern that are going to market. Even today I am amazed at what the same quilt pattern looks like in different colors. These quilts were designed so that you can make the quilt with twelve 12" finished pieced blocks - from a block of the month or twelve orphan blocks - or just twelve 12" finished feature fabric blocks as shown in the center squares .


This summer I joined a hiking group that goes out once a week rain or shine, snow or sleet. The first few times the hikes were not bad. They usually go to the trails in the foothills or mountains but because of the flooding in May/June many bridges were washed out. That is until last week.

I key rumba! Nine of us hiked, more like step climbed, up 1060 ft. vertical to Powderface. It was worth every step, every huffing and puffing breath, every resting stop, every sip of water, to see the 360 degree panorama view of the foothills at the top. Elevation about 5000 ft.

Almost to the top. 2nd last stop. We are on the west side.




Lunch on the west side

September 16, 2013

Center Point

This year has been a learning year of how to make 12 or 16 seam centers lie flat.

I've experimented pressing all seams in the same direction and spinning the point, pressing all seams open and spinning or folding the point. Then a little birdie suggests to sew only to the center point - not past it. Sewing only to the point intersection definitely worked much better and was easier to spin the center seams. Note: be careful that you cannot see a hole in the center on the front side. This may happen with 6 or 8 seams and with 10, 12 or 16 seams it is highly unlikely.