December 12, 2015


My home is a magical place. It magically appears out from under this specially made stuffed table. The other day I found three, yes three, groups of fabric bagged together. I spent 3 days searching for the right fabric in Las Vegas for testing another pattern. Plus, found a bonus piece with Christmas baking recipes. Woo hoo!

December 7, 2015

Fabric Twine

A link for making fabric twine showed up in my inbox today. How many of us cannot throw away the 1" wide scraps? Most of the time I'm one of them. Then, when going through the scrap bin I think why did I save these pieces. Here's why.

November 11, 2015


Earlier this week, I went to see the 3200+ crosses of the southern Alberta soldiers that gave us our freedom that are set up along Memorial Drive in Calgary.
This was an extremely somber sight.

First row first column




November 8, 2015

"Don't Look Back"

Libby Lehman and Ricky Tims
A great inspiration to keep moving forward. Thank you Libby Lehman.


July 29, 2015

Lightning & Cheesecake

Lightning and cheesecake - a strange combination. Tomorrow, July 30, is cheesecake day and there is suppose to be another thunderstorm. Since you are not to be working at the computer or any electrical machines, I figure what a great way to spend a thunderstorm. Now don't get me wrong, I love thunderstorms. I love watching the lightning and the rain pouring down. And after the deluge, the peace and quiet.

Thus the name of the next pattern - Lightning.

Remember to pick up the American Quilting and Patchwork magazine. The Dots & Dash quilt for Northcott gradation flannel is on the back cover. The fabric will be in the stores very soon.

July 23, 2015

Thread The Needle Day

Saturday, Thread the Needle Day is going to be a fantastic day for sewers, piecers and quilters alike. Thread the needle can also mean walking a fine line to either spend time at your machine or with the family.
Solution: Put the sewing machine in the family room and sew to your heart's content while the family watches tv or plays games. OR: sit outside with the family sewing while they play or work in the yard.
I'll be working on the latest pattern for Northcott, Duet Duo. What will you be working on?
Duet 40"x45" for Quilts For Kids

Duo 69"x76"

 As much as I say no more novelties and panels, the more I love how cute they are and want them for myself.

This year, I joined a hiking group. What a fun and a fantastic group to walk straight up the mountain with!
The latest venture was to Picklejar, a series of 4 lakes with excellent fishing. Nothing like high altitude clear cold fresh water fish. Even though we did not fish, there were numerous young people passing us quickly packing fishing gear. Then thinking again, I'm not that adventurous to climb 3500 feet straight up to go fishing.
We had our lunch on this side of the ridge. some even sat on the ridge. The lake is on the other side of the ridge.


July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day!



Canadian Maple -
Patrick Lose
I could go on and on but as you know we Canadians are the modest polite type.
Have a great Canada day eh!

June 17, 2015

Wandering Wednesday

Friday, June 19, is World Sauntering Day. The purpose is to remind us to take it easy, smell the roses,  slow down, enjoy life as opposed to rushing through it. How many of us have been told this?
Slowing down in my world is means designing quilts and piecing quilts and hiking and white hatting (volunteer to help passengers departing and arriving very early Friday mornings) at the Calgary airport.
This week smelling the roses means quilt designing using the soon to arrive Northcott Bundle of Love panel and sauntering through Pine Top in the Kananaskis on a beautiful day not to hot, not to cold, just right.
Bundle of Love Panel by Northcott

ferns and forest
huge ant hill
wood lily

June 3, 2015

Doughnuts and Clean Air and Social Media

Today of all days is Doughnut Day, National Clean Air Day and learn Social Media Day.

You know the never say never saying. When the smart phones came out I was just happy happy with my own flip phone. I'm never going to need a smart phone. What do I need a smart phone for. I should have said to heck with it and bought one in the beginning because it is now a game of catch up.

While learning social media today, from a young whipper snapper, I had doughnuts to keep the brain functioning so that the air stayed clean. I wonder if there is a Hair Pulling Out day?

It was so nice to get home and work on the next design, Q-links.

April 15, 2015

Spring Stayed

A friend of mine said today that it is That Sucks Day. This is based on terrible historical events that have occurred on April 15.

Fortunately that is not the case here. Spring continues to stay. Those that have lived around Calgary for at least 50 years, are waiting for the snow to drop. It is not unusual to get 6" of snow in April and May even though it can be 65 degrees the day before. We all say, if it has to snow, then snow in the mountains.
Other great things happening are: all the quilts for spring market in Minneapolis are completed, pictures have been taken and the brochure is being printed. 
Vista in green
Spring Stayed
Vista Kaufman Screen Prints
Vista in Paris

March 5, 2015

Spring or Winter

In Calgary, spring has sprung and left and sprung and left and sprung again with the expectation of more snow next week.  After all it is only March and April is around the corner. These months can be the snowiest. Heavy and wet. My poor tulips don’t know what to do because they only shouldn't be waking up unit May. 

I’ve been testing and retesting instructions for the upcoming patterns using a variety of fabric styles and colours for Quilt Market in Minneapolis.  Wish me luck; my final deadline is March 15.