March 25, 2012

Using the Stash

One of my goals this year, notice I didn't say resolution, is to make at least 20 quilts for give away. What fun it was to create 4 quilts by grabbing the stash fabric, ie no agonizing over fabric combinations and creating easy simple quilts! It opened my eyes to use more textures in my quilts. How freeing! But most of all how grateful that I was able to go into my stash to create them!

The other quilt same fabric with dep fuschia background.

A wonderful surprise! Love how the turquoise squares glow.

So interesting using a bamboo fabric like a stripe.

Wanted the squares to glow like the first quilt. The pic is much greener the quilt is more jewel tone.

It was interesting to see what colors I've purchased at certain times in certain years. The backs are also pieced using up the remainders of 4-6 fabrics.