September 25, 2017

Week 46 Blocks 136-138 Glorious Mountains

Oh glorious mountains, I haven't seen you for 2 months. Welcome back.

We are 23/25ths of way through this journey. Yikes. Have you been thinking about the backing for your quilt? I put this Canadian flag on the back just to make sure that everyone knows it is a Canadian quilt. My apologies for the blurry pics.

We also have the following panel and yardage (a great binding) in stock. Click here to see.

Not only are the ladies animal advocates but one discovered links in the analyzation of food chemistry and explosives. What!  

B l o c k s  1 3 6,  1 3 7,  1 3 8

136 Dr Jean M Rumney
137 Margaret Marshall Saunders
138 Clara Cynthia Benson


September 18, 2017

Week 45 Blocks 133-135

Brrr it's cold outside. We lost 40 degrees F this week. 
The trees are yellow. Check.
The leaves are falling. Check.
The gas fireplace pilot light is lit. Check.
The heavier quilt is on the bed. Check.
The flannel pj's are on. Check.
The cocoa is hot. Check.
Like a friend of mine says 'I hope we aren't getting the weather you're dressed for.' Check.

So it's now a great time to concentrate harder on quilting. Last week you saw the pile of scraps. This week here are two blocks from the pile of scraps.

There is quite a range of expertise between the next three women, from medical research to agriculture research on ruminant nutrition and cows' methane gas to bandit. All very exciting.

B l o c k s  1 3 3,  1 3 4,  1 3 5

133 Eva Vertes 
134 Karen Beauchemin 
135 Pearl 'Bandit Queen' Taylor Hart


September 11, 2017

Week 44 Blocks 130-132 Scraps of Red

Do you still have red fabric scraps? You will if you purchased the kits. This is a preview of the 2 scrappy red and background quilts designed to clean your red and background.

Week 44 - 22/25ths complete. Did you ever think you would get this far? It was touch and go about halfway through when the blocks had smaller pieces to deal with. But, we pulled through and are the downhill slide almost to the bottom of the blocks and fabric. Hallelujah!

This week we introduce 3 exciting women, a world traveller, an investigative journalist and a Major-General.

B l o c k s   1 3 0,  1 3 1,  1 3 2

130 Aloha Wanderwill (Idris Hall)
131 Alice Freeman aka Faith Fenton 
132 Major-General Tammy Harris


September 4, 2017

Week 43 Blocks 127-129+

Labour Day was the coolest day we have had all summer. So much more comfortable. It does feel like fall is coming. 

Previously I showed you my crabapple tree in the back. The fruit tree in the front, I thought was some sort of cherry but it looks like an apple, maybe crabapple. Does anyone know? In all the 20 years it has never been so loaded with fruit that the branches are touching the ground. 

I've been travelling back and forth to Strathmore and have heard the crops are the best they've had for awhile. This is surprising to me because we've had so little rain, 1 day a month, and over 30 C or 90 F temperature. There must have been enough moisture from the s_ _w, winter precipitation. ( Probably shouldn't have written w_ _ _ _ r either. )

Countdown 8. Week 43 presents the first world peace creator, a rocket scientist and a film director/producer of outdoor movies plus a pioneer for humane treatment of animals in movies.

B l o c k s  1 2 7,  1 2 8,  1 2 9

127 Julia Grace Wales
128 Yvonne Madelaine Brill - nee Claeys
129 Nell Shipman