July 23, 2022

Inventory Clearing

    We have decided to only carry a very minor fabric inventory. Everything has been greatly reduced. We want to concentrate on having retreats in 2023. 

Check out our website, quiltnasium.com. For those of you who like to touch an feel the fabric, there will also be periodic in-house sales on certain Saturdays throughout the summer. Please go to the website and follow us on facebook for updates.

January 27, 2022

Another Day in Paradise - PalmeroBOGO $3

    Another day in paradise. It's a balmy Chinook day. Almost t-shirts and shorts weather. Yesterday me and my walking buddy went from the Bow Habitat and Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery to the Peace Bridge, which from a distance looks more like a high speed train. It started out very sunny then the chinook blew over, hiding the sun but bringing another warm almost Spring day.

Inglewood Fish Hatchery
Bow Habitat and Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery
Peace Bridge
   Nine, yes 9, quilts waiting for binding. They may be waiting a while as binding is my least favourite thing to do. It's right up there with dusting and vacuuming. What does that say. Why so many you ask. That's what happens when the quilter says prices are going up next year. You get all the finished tops and partly finished tops finished and ready for quilting because, heaven forbid, you have to pay an extra couple $ per top. You laugh!? That's a couple $ less for new fabric.

9 quilts
9 quilts

Here is one that I was experimenting to see what the background and certain kind of stripe fabric would look like. It turned out great. Lots of movement.

outside the box pattern
Outside the Box by Quilt and Needle

close up outside the box

Double Down Deal

While quantities last or until Feb 4, 2022, all the Palermo fabric is Buy 1meter get 2nd meter for $3. Prices will be adjusted for fabric and shipping at our end. 

October 4, 2021

150 Cdn Women-Madam of the Maritimes

    Those of you that participated in the 150 Canadian Women quilt do you remember  #148 Ada Jane McCallum. Blain Henshaw has written Madam of the Maritimes, The Life and Times of Ada McCallum. 

In 2019, Blain called me regarding the research on the 150 Canadian Women quilt and why I had chosen Ada. 'I thought she was interesting.' As usual when reading a book I read the first chapter then go immediately to the last 5-6 pages to see what happens, ie who ends up with whom. Much to my surprise, the 150 quilt program is featured in the last pages. 

Although I'm presently in the middle of a steamy romance novel, my next read will be Madam of the Maritimes by Blain Henshaw. Haven't you been curious about the red light districts, the saloons of yesteryear? You know that they've been around since the beginning of time.

Happy Quilting!