November 25, 2019

Grey Cup One Block Wonder

   Is it winter or spring? Typical weather for the Grey Cup, Canadian Football League - CFL - super bowl Sunday. Spent the day finishing the center of a 3 year old Christmas One Block Wonder. The worst part was piecing each row then deciding that cubes needed to be added and what colour. p.s. Make sure you read the instructions first, i.e. press seams open. Much easier to sew the rows together.

   Another Moda quilt along block done. Only 6 more to go.😄

Who's interested in a block on the barn quilt?

   Snow. Melt. Snow. Melt. I'm having a difficult time checking out the mouse places. It's driving me upstairs downstairs and all round the house. Look out mom here I come. She tells me I should use the treadmill. Puh! Me!? That's for dogs.

November 11, 2019

Thankful Remembering

Thank you for our freedom!

November 4, 2019

Painted Meadows

   Even though this is our Saturday, it certainly feels like Monday. Did any of you get the extra hour of sleep? Not me. I'm waking up an hour earlier. 😴

   This Painted Meadows fabric grouping by Robin Pickens is in stock, now. 

  The second set of Diamond blocks are ready to go out next week. Those of you participating should have received the updated link for the background cutting instruction video. Remember to sign up for the Diamond program.

The PHD's are accumulating. Cut but not sewn. I ran out of fabric and had to get more.