July 30, 2012

Arctic Tropical Breeze

Another sample ready for the quilter. Tropical Breeze block of the month in Arctic whites and blues.
Only 6 more to go. Is it possible to make a sampler quilt top a week. Here's hoping. My volunteer position duties that should have taken 3 weeks took 8 weeks. So here we are again behind schedule. Cross your fingers. Olympic marathon of watching and piecing!

The neighbour's cat, Rocky, has taken over inspecting the backyard and making sure all is well. This time he decided to hang around thus preventing duck family of 8 from dining on the bird seed. She waited and waited and waited... only to return later in the evening for dinner.

July 22, 2012

Block 18, Crystals and Ducks

Block 18 and counting, but who's counting. It was so nice to go back to 2" squares.
Spent a few days in Chicago at the CHA show. Connie Tawfick, of Connie Crystal, had a make and take for this crochet wire beaded necklace. Wonderful wonderful lady. Beautiful Crystals and Beads. I highly recommend Connie Crystal for your beading requirements.
Sometimes ducks have it made in the summer heat paddling on the water all day and then lunching up on bird feed that the birds throw on the ground. This is the family of eight ducklings. The other family has six ducklings.

July 12, 2012

Easter Star Light

WooHoo! Another quilt top ready for the quilter.
This batik quilt, Star Light Star Bright, was a fantastic surprise. Softer colours created a delicate look. Very Eastery. (sorry, picture doesn't do it justice)

The background, the inspiration. Dark blue with purple and turquoise circles and dots. This block picture is a truer colouring.

July 7, 2012

Drumheller Quilt Show

Guess what, it's not raining. Just couldn't stay indoors on the first day of summer heat. Spent the day with my sister in Drumheller, Alberta, 1 1/2-2 hours east of Calgary, at a quilt show. This show is brought to you by Bit's and Pieces every two years throughout the stores on and on Center Street itself.
Almost 300 wonderful quilts to wander through!

I just love this Christmas Tree quilt with all different decorations on each tree.

And this little black and white quilt with different sayings
And a motto to live by:

Also couldn't leave without these wonderful striped fabrics.

July 4, 2012

Den/Office Reorganization

Another block done. This miniature piecing is a big learning curve for accuracy. Even though the block is 12" finished the pieces are 1/2". TG it's a simple 9-patch and rail fence.

How I spent good ol' Canada Day weekend. The weather "Oh, look, it's raining. Haven't seen rain for a day?"

WooHoo, Yee Haw, Yahoo!! Another room is reorganized. Back on September 25, 2011 blogged about combining 3 areas into 1. Ok, just threw 2 other areas into a 3rd.
It all started because of this little 3/4" picture hook.

It fell behind the stuff piled up on the wall closest to the right side of the picture. After unsuccessfully searching for the blasted THING, I got tee'd off and started cleaning, recycling, throwing out. That was last Saturday. This is today.
Yes, there are still 4 boxes on the floor. That's ok because they are destined to other people/groups. It is so fantastic to be able to open the blinds to look out. Yes, the pink elephant is still here. The desk has been raised 8". That was fun a couple of months ago, trying to move around all the STUFF to lift the desk to put the black piece under. Now, I can stand at the computer to work instead of sitting all day without getting up. Surprisingly, I often stand and only sit for short periods of time. The keyboard is now also at the proper height at all times.
Cannot tell you how wonderful it is to work in my office. Maybe will get those block of the months rewritten in faster time. All the pictures, been here 15 years, have been hung in the office, in the open staircase, in the great room and in the studio.

July 1, 2012

Canada Day

It's July 1st!!! Happy Canada Day to All!!

Okay, what happened to January, February, March, April, May and June?