October 21, 2019

Gone to Quilt Market

   This week we're so excited to be going to Quilt Market. Our reason for going changes every time. Sometimes it's to see the new fabric collections. Sometimes it's to see new tools. Sometimes it's to see new patterns. Sometimes it's to see new techniques. Sometimes it's to learn new social media. And, it is always to catch up with old friends and meet new friends to see what they're doing at their shop.

   This is Alberta in the fall. I love it. Combines working from the no frost minute to the midnight early morning or frost minute. The only thing missing are the Rockies and cattle grazing in the west behind me.

   Meeeow, mom is going to market. My cat house sitter will be here. Shush, don't tell mom, he's so easy. Maybe we can share a mouse.

October 12, 2019


   Who's stuffed? Who wants pumpkin pie? Turkey buns? Cranberries? Dressing?  Hope you are having or had a wonderful food filled, family filled Thanksgiving.
   Tuesday will be back to healthier eating? No carrots. Yes pizza.

   In between everything I managed to sew up two more of the 18" blocks. Even though I may be biased, I love how these fabrics go so well together. This could be my almost what is called a low volume quilt. In my day, it was called a blended quilt.
changed the center, should have been a scarecrow and pumpkin.
  What's next? Northcott's New Shimmer, Iceberg, is next. 

October 8, 2019

If It's Tuesday, It's Snowing

   Here we go again. Whoever is withholding Mother Nature's coffee please remember to give it to her earlier so she doesn't give to us. 

However, snow days are sew days. Two more I Can Make It blocks done. It started out as a challenge to use these 12 fabrics on the background and I love how they are turning out. Especially how the bottom star glows.