April 14, 2013

Caveman Slippers & Wonderland

Have you noticed that when flying, slippers are heavy and take up too much room? You could have put another half meter or more of fabric in your suitcase. Have you also noticed how dirty the soles can get from the hotel? Yuck! Here is my solution to the problem.

Caveman Slippers - On a piece of paper, trace around the soles of your slippers that fit snug or thongs er I mean flip flops. Cut a top, a bottom (I used denim from old jeans) and a piece of batting for each foot. Place the pieces for each foot together: top - batting - bottom, pin lots because they stretch when sewing. Zigzag/straight stitch or serge around the outside edge.
Stand on the soles, measure how long you want the top to be, ie how much of your foot you want covered, mine are 4 1/2" long. Then roughly measure the width across the top of your foot and add 1". NOTE: measurement is longer closer to the ankle than at the toes.
Length___________  X Width________ + 1" = __________
Now, cut 2 pieces of fabric and batting this measurement. Place the them together top - batting - inside, pin and zigzag/straight stitch or serge the outside edge.
Again standing on the soles, center the fabric over the foot and pin ONE SIDE to the sole by the toes and by the ankle. Sew fabric to sole. Again standing on the soles, pull the fabric over the foot tightly and pin THE OTHER SIDE to the sole by the toes and by the ankle. Sew fabric to sole. Trim excess. Voila, Caveman Slippers. Happy travelling!

Sunny Alberta is a wonderland. You wonder when winter will be gone and spring is finally here. Spring in Alberta is a mix of warm sunny weather one day and sleet/snow the next. Today is the later. You can see the sideways driven snow.

By this afternoon, the streets are slushy again and if one has chosen to shovel the sidewalk and driveway they would be wet. But as my dad says 'At This time of the year, the Lord puteth it there the Lord can taketh it away.'

April 10, 2013

Quilt Diva Style

On the board of CQA, Canadian Quilters' Association, is wild and wonderful Jackie who likes to challenge us. She purchased Amy Bradley's Quilt Diva pattern for each of us to design our own quilt diva. As previously posted, the diva will be moi. Being a kid from the 60's and 70's it was easy to come up with the diva style. In fact not only can one purchase some of the clothes and props but one only has to go thru the closet and sewing drawer to locate the items required. Scary thought isn't it! What is old is new again!

Since Jackie has revealed her diva, and you've seen the vest' these are the shorts to go with the vest. Talk about style! I'd also like to thank Jackie for the earring idea. It's way better that buttons.
On another stitch, check out the night and day photos of the pimple/boil on the ice. Way cool!

Note: the 90 degree zigzag trail of the only animal that can travel on thin ice, a rabbit.

April 1, 2013


I love the Studio e Metropia fabric so much that another quilt had to be designed. Unfortunately, the fabric is still coming soon but that gives me time to write the instructions for this 75" quilt. And, no joke, we will kit this quilt for anyone interested.