May 22, 2011

The S Did It

Cannot believe it is the May long weekend already. It's still cool and rain threatening. The trees and the early spring flowers are finally coming out. On the bright side that gives you time to get your fabric ready for the

Mystery is no longer available. Stay tuned for another mystery in the spring.

If you are like me and cut your pieces larger sew together and then trim down to size email me for different cutting instructions.

Have Fun!

May 4, 2011


What a week of down and up!
Assassination of Osama Bin Laden - Royal Wedding.
Canadian Federal Election (4 in 6 years) - Conservative Party majority seats elected (no more elections for 4 years).
Purple quilt cancelled - New quilt Royal Stars top finished. Thank goodness for deadlines.

Finally had to give up on the purple quilt. Just could not get it to work. Trying to force it was leading to more trying to force it. Even made three blocks to try to convince me that the fabrics would work. NOT!

Ding Ding Ding There's a quilt design that's been sitting in The Book for a year waiting to be recreated in batik fabric - EE Schenck, Galaxy, Java. Royal Stars. Coincidental that the Royal Wedding is happening. Does 1+1 really = 2?

Quilt was designed using EQ7. This is Block 1. Blocks are numbered easiest to hardest. When the pinwheel turned out fantastic this was the right project at the right time.
Auditioning which color, medium or dark, look best around each block
Which block goes where? Looking through the peep hole/reducing glass/digital camera picture is the best way to see if anything jumps out at you. You also want to scatter blocks that are similar in shape.

Sometimes just being together is what matters!
Borders - what kind, what width, what color, design or plain?
Another background border it is. Eleanor Burns was here and put all the auditioning pieces on the floor.
Now what? Add another border or not? Again wide or narrow? Color? Type?
Ok, a small red border.

Add another border? Now my head hurts. My eyes are not seeing. Tired. Lazy. Don't want to. Off to my friend's house for another opinion, a set of fresh eyes. Good thing because her daughter asks "Why does one of the sashings have a strip the other way around?"

Oh brother! LOL Do you know how many times this quilt has been examined, had pictures taken of and have never noticed the oops. Can you find the oops?

Audition more fabric, more widths ... Unanimously, no more borders. A welcome relief!