May 27, 2019

Quilt Festival Hiking

   We want to thank everyone that stopped by our booth at Heritage Park Festival of Quilts. The first day was rainy but everyone came to shop. The second day was glorious and everyone came to shop. It was like old home weekend seeing everyone. We had a blast talking to everyone.

  The hike today was also wonderful. My dad's favourite flower, Shooting Star, were out in full bloom all along the trail.
I remember he tried to transplant one of them but they didn't take. However, you can have your own shooting star, Showering Stars kit. Plus there is enough of the jelly roll left to make a table runner or pillow.

   The hike today was not without a feature attraction. In fact there were two features. The first being the beautiful trails for hiking

with peek-a-boo spots of the glorious mountains that are only minutes away.

The second was this gorgeous Black Bear. He scared two white tail deer away plus us. We just observed what he was interested in; it wasn't us. So we made ourselves large and noisy and he ran back into the woods. What male wants to take on 11 loud women with pointy hiking poles and bear spray?

May 13, 2019

Showering Stars & Buffalo Beans

   The Showering Stars top is done. What an easy quilt to make! One jelly roll, a bit of white and the background. Instructions and diagrams are excellent. Plus we have kits available at Quiltnasium and online.

   Ah, another Spring first, Buffalo Beans. Why they are called that? The First Nations Peoples' used its flowering time to indicate that buffalo bulls were ready for the spring hunt. CAUTION: even though this plant is called a bean, DO NOT eat it because it has poisonous alkaloids that may cause you to be extremely ill. It is a.k.a. prairie bean, golden banner, prairie pea, golden bean.

      We are off to Quilt Market this week so check Quiltnasium for the unusual store hours in May.

May 6, 2019


   Ouch! Last week spent all 5 days data input on entering fabric and notions and patterns. First time my thumb was sore for 24 hours from mouse work. That's house work with an M, mouse work. Make sure you have a look online.
   Hallelujah, the background fabric for the Stonehenge Solstice Circle has arrived. Cut, cut, cut, fold, fold, fold, stuff stuff, stuff, mailed, mailed, mailed. Thank you to everyone for being patient.

   The next firsts, first hike of the summer schedule. Will certainly feel it tomorrow. Saw first yellow flower, I'll call it buttercup even though it isn't, first crocus, and most famous, first dandelion of the season.

Our next first is, we will be at Heritage Park Festival of Quilts, May 25-26, 10a to 5p. We are just inside the side door.