November 28, 2010

Reorganization continued

I now believe the saying - it gets worse before it gets better. The floor gets more and more cluttered as the shelves are organized. It looks worse and more daunting than in the beginning. Will I ever see ...!
This fabric folding is too much for the brain. Not that it's hard, but, that the brain is in design overdrive. Put these fabrics together and create this quilt, put these fabrics and create this quilt, put these fabrics ... Stop the wheel I gotta get off!!! Whew!!!

For someone who is not into novelty or floral fabric there sure is a lot of it. Okay which fabric fairy put them in the stash and let them multiply!? What to make out of the Hallowe'en fabric? See how well the 1 meter pieces blend together. This has to be a 2 fabric quilt because the fabrics are so busy. Now, what color to use for the second fabric. Lime looked good but liked the way black made some of the Hallowe'en fabric float. Use not 1 black but many blacks.

Next, which block(s) to use. Let's make it simple. Squares vs triangles. Triangles more work but way more interesting. Quarter vs half square triangles. Okay, half-square triangles easier. What size triangles? Trail and error with the ruler. Don't cut just audition size. 3" looks good.

Size? A large lap / not so long twin size quilt, about 60" x 75", is just right. Doesn't take so long to make, isn't huge, lots of room to snuggle under. Finished 12" blocks = 5 x 6 block quilt : 1 block = 16 half-square triangles : 30 blocks = 480 half-square triangles, OMG = 240 squares cut from each of the 2 colors (hallowe'en and black) cut into triangles and well stirred. The 60mm rotary cutter works well for mass production.

Well, this got me out of reorganzing. Now to dig out the sewing machine from under the reorganizing. LOL!

November 20, 2010


The backyard is a winter wonderland right now with inches of snow covering everything. Branches bent over from the first wet snow are now holding onto the 48 hours of light fluffy flakes. The addition of bird feeders creates a magical world for bird watching.
Suet in the willow bird feeder has attracted a male Red-Shafted Northern Flicker.  They are in the woodpecker family. His beauty is his spots that look like  batik fabric and the beautiful red under wings seen in flight.

main view from computer

November 17, 2010


Hard to believe 2 days ago it was 11C / 52F. It's been snowing for 2 days now. First night snow started melting and as the evening cooled the snow turned to slush and then to ice. During the day snowing continued and temperatures went down. Driving and walking were done with caution. This morning, roads were and still are plugged. Tried to drive to swimming, but, ended up driving a circle around the community on the main roads and ending at home. Every street, thoroughfare was plugged. So my exercise of the day was shovelling the driveway and sidewalk. Now -13C / 8F

Mugo pine snow ghostSteam off the water

Canada Geese waiting for the storm to end

8" of snow - day two 

Day two

Sparrows at feeders

Birds between branches

Reorganization One Month

First fabric group

 Tis a slow process. Almost all fabric not slated for projects is folded. Thought this was all, but found more yesterday.
I am so excited that this is it; thought there was way more. Just shows how the mind exaggerates is not as devastating as once thought. This is 16 bins from this room plus 5 bins from another room and bagged fabric. Still have project fabric to organize. It's interesting to note that all this fabric is from before and after owning the store. While owning my store, I only purchased a dozen pieces of fabric to take home.

Folded waiting for better shelving
Now, one might think hooray that is not much fabric and others would say are you crazy, but, always a but, there are also many bolts of fabric. Some bolts were cherry picked out from the fabric that the new owner did not want, put on consignment for one year and discounted. The other bolts were for new quilt designs. Should these bolts be counted in my personal stash or am I delusional.