February 19, 2009

Appleicious - Finishing

The testers have finished the blocks and are testing the quilt layout/finishing. It's been a challenge to get the quilts done because January and February have been crazy with retreats, conferences and holidays for all of us.
For myself, I spent 5 days in Canmore, Alberta in Libby Lehman's thread painting classes. Libby was wonderful; the classes were wonderful. It's the first time I've not been stressed out on getting behind or having to finish. Libby's solution is to explain to your family that she needed your samples for the next class.
Thread painting is not intimidating. You just get in there and go for it. If you do not like it just put different thread in the machine and away you go. So inspiring.

There was a small horse or was it a very large dog roaming the area or sitting at the front door accepting pets. He could straddle the 2 ft high rail fence and it would not touch his belly.

These days this plaque is appropriate for the economy.