October 4, 2021

150 Cdn Women-Madam of the Maritimes

    Those of you that participated in the 150 Canadian Women quilt do you remember  #148 Ada Jane McCallum. Blain Henshaw has written Madam of the Maritimes, The Life and Times of Ada McCallum. 

In 2019, Blain called me regarding the research on the 150 Canadian Women quilt and why I had chosen Ada. 'I thought she was interesting.' As usual when reading a book I read the first chapter then go immediately to the last 5-6 pages to see what happens, ie who ends up with whom. Much to my surprise, the 150 quilt program is featured in the last pages. 

Although I'm presently in the middle of a steamy romance novel, my next read will be Madam of the Maritimes by Blain Henshaw. Haven't you been curious about the red light districts, the saloons of yesteryear? You know that they've been around since the beginning of time.

Happy Quilting!



September 2, 2021

Clearout revised additional dates

    Please help! We have to clearout almost everything as there is more fabric coming in. Shopping online is your best bet. Prices for 2+ m of the same fabric adjustments will be made at our end.

If you come to the home studio, please be patient as we are doing the best we can.

Thank you to one and all.


August 28, 2021

Labour Day Clearout at Quiltnasium.com

    Quiltnasium.com    72 Chaparral Cove SE, Calgary AB
    We are clearing out almost everything so that we can concentrate on in-house classes, 1-day sew days and 3-day retreats. We will continue carry certain fabrics and some notions for your convenience but not the full range that we have today.
    Therefore, we ask your help at finding new homes for what we have. If you come to the Home Studio, please wear a mask and use the hand sanitizer provided at the door because we want everyone to be safe.

Thank You to all,

April 22, 2021

Testing Blog to Email Feed


   Another day, another change.  So many website and information changes not because of covid but definitely since covid started. The service used for you receive the blog post by email is discontinuing July 1. So we are moving from FeedBurner to the Bloglovin feed. 

Now we are directing you to Bloglovin ( click link above). 

To re-subscribe enter your email address in the Bloglovin widget on the right hand side at the top.

Thank you for your continued patronage,

March 29, 2021

Paper Sky Final Block

  Whoa, Block 9 for Paper Sky is on Quiltnasium.com. See video on Quiltnasium Quilt Along by Kat facebook page.

paper sky block 9

   We have been working on resizing the 150 Canadian blocks from 6" to 3" and adding more blocks. If you are interested in creating a smaller replica with more blocks email us at ask at quiltnasium dot com. This program is blocks only, no women biographies. I'm making mine in the range of bright lime greens, ie yellow green to blue green, on a mottled gray background. Too Cute! I'm liking these even more at 3".


    It's a very early Spring for Calgary. The chickadees tried making a nest inside the window batten. The squirrel is shredding cardboard for its nest.

Even the rabbits are turning colour. Let's hope we rain. The snow was so dry this year we maybe got a couple inches of water out of it which ran off the frozen ground and into the gutter. Dry snow, powdery, 10-12" equals 1" rain. 

   First mouse of the season. I'm such a fabulous hunter. Didn't loose my touch over the winter. (ha onto the nails and sizzle on butt) Just had to give mom her first present of the year. Now let me in for my treat.

March 2, 2021

M I A Rejuvenate

      Wow, many moons ago was the first step to upgrade myself and Quiltnasium. With no chance of getting together in retreats and classes, because of you know what, we had to give ourselves a kick in the butt.

A plaque I found years ago.

New web host, new website, new quilt along programs, new videos for quilt alongs. The video learning curve has been straight up and I swear that there is no excuse for senior's moments because so many more brain circuits have been created. 

   Paper Sky free block 8 was just posted. The video is on fb page quiltnasium quilt along by kat. Only one more block and the finishing remain.

   For those of you in the Gypsy Wife program, the next blocks will be sent to you next week. It's never too late to join Gypsy Wife quilt along. You must have a pattern. If the pattern is purchased from Quiltnasium the videos are included. Otherwise you can join for $20. 

   Do making 3"squares float your boat? Because we had nothing better to do, or we lost some marbles, we are in the process of resizing the 150 Canadian blocks down to 3" from 6". This time only the block instructions will be available with video. The quilt is going to run in the colour gamut of lime green on a gray background.

Meow to everyone. It's been a very long slug with the human at home. It's been almost one year of long hard retraining. There are still times when I have to jump up on her, on the computer desk or on the sewing table to get into her face and meow at the top of my lungs so she will STOP everything and either feed me or let me out. What a chore at times! 

I know I'm still lovable because after all I'm now Sweet Sixteen and how can I be missed.