December 30, 2019

New Year Confession Boxes

   It's the end of 2019 and confession time. It's said that you cannot change what you don't acknowledge.
   Imagine this is all fabric before I had the store, then after the store and before the studio. Never took any home when I had the store and since I've owned the studio.

   There are shelves of fabric, containers of fabric, piles of fabric and everywhere fabric. Thought almost done, but nope, everywhere I look there is another pile of fabric. One really great thing about this is that I've found at least three pieces that were required to finish three quilts. Whew, don't have to go buy more fabric.

Figured there would be 36 boxes of fabric. Well, there are now 37 boxes and six very large plastic storage containers with folded fabric under 1 m/40 inches and counting, plus stacks of fat quarters that I haven't figured out what to put them in. And will probably need another ten boxes plus containers. You have to wonder why, but, that hurts the head.
   All this has been getting me excited to work on monochromatic quilts because I now know what fabric values and textures I have.

 As Porky Pig says Th Th That's all folks!
See you all next year,

   Well, mom's been folding and folding and folding some more. So far she's moved my secret sleeping place not once but twice. I could get in on the lower shelf fabric behind the uv prevention fabric cover, then I could nap on a quilt on the floor behind the fabric piles. Now she's covered my viewing out the window table spot with little fold fabric squares because she doesn't have a place for them. And what are all those boxes over there cluttering up my area? Geesh, will this ever be done!? 
   One thing though, I've managed to claim a broken cardboard box lid. It's just the right size. It's even over a warm spot on the infloor heating. Nothing could be more perfect. Ahhh!

   A Happy Mew Year to you!

December 23, 2019

Solstice Christmas Cactus

   Oh, it's officially winter here. Of course it snowed the first night an so far the 2nd night of winter. The good thing about it is that it is shorts and t-shirt balmy with fluffy snow.

   Winter is the perfect time for sewing. Managed to get the remaining three Moda Schoolhouse blocks completed. Hummm, what will the layout be?
Moda Schoolhouse

December 16, 2019


   Nine, count it nine more sleeps. I'm on my way to Shelby MT; so grateful that the weather and roads are ideal for travelling. Tis the season of chocolate and sweets and all goodies to eat. Did everyone set their scale back 10 pounds?
scale 10 pounds less
   To occupy the nibbling habit, we've been sewing another Moda 18" block.
moda block

And, out of necessity reorganizing and measuring and refolding the stash. I got so tired of looking for a piece of fabric plus not knowing how big or small it was that push came to shove. We, yes Virginia I have the royal mouse in my pocket and Kitty, are changing these and more shelves...
shelf 1

another shelf
More shelves not shown here.
... into this on the plastic cardboards - see this. Wow, all this started 20 months ago back in April 18, 2018. Right now they are going into boxes until the shelving is also reorganized.
boxed fabric

   As you probably know, when redoing, one room leads to another and to another... So, three rooms are being switched. Will someone tell me how we get into this predicament? Hmmm, never mind I already know.

   Oh the weather outside is frightful freezing. Yes sirree, Mom and I are working on the fabric folding and room reorganizing. Yawwwwn. It's tiring. I'm such a great supervisor.

December 9, 2019

Snow and Hallmark Movies and Christmas Gnomes

   Oh yea, it's snowing. Again. A little elf told me today that we are to have an early Spring. One can only hope.

   Gnome times three. I've been racking the brain to figure out what to do with this Gnome panel. When out pops the December 'easy quilt' magazine. But of course, a Fluffy pillow.

Then how about keeping it simple. Duh. Just add a red white snowflake border. Oh so easy.
All fabrics at Quiltnasium.

   Only 15 more sleeps until Christmas. And here I lay on the couch watching Hallmark movies and thinking I need this t-shirt.