April 24, 2017

Week 24 Blocks 70 to 72

Eight more months until Christmas. Your early Christmas present is we've reached block 72. The 72 block quilt would be a great quilt for Canada's 150th birthday on July 1, 2017.

Now that you are all so excellent at piecing HSTs, these blocks are less intense. We will be working our way back up to intensity through out May, then less intense again. You quilt warriors are all spectacular. Keep up the fantastic work!

Instructions for the 65"x72" and 77"x84" quilts will be available on-line next week.

These three ladies believed in speaking up with dignity for women and society, and changed how we treat people.

B l o c k s   7 0,  7 1,  7 2
Available Tuesday April 25 at 10 am Mountain time.

Carrie Best
Jeanne Sauvé
Agnes Macphail


April 17, 2017

Blocks 67 to 69 - Are you ready?

Is everyone chocolated out? Hope everyone had a great Easter.

On Easter I suddenly realized it's Sunday! Where did the week go. Then, next Tuesday will be the 72nd block for those that are making a smaller quilt. Geesh. Where did those weeks go. A friend of mine in her eighties says it goes even faster. How Can That Be?

Is everyone ready? Blocks are dicey; there are plenty of seams. Do not be in a hurry this week. Relax and enjoy the process. Yes, there are other ways to make a couple of these and avoid having some seams but the would be even more fiddly. So I chose to go with all the seams. When pressing remember that you can spin, open or press to one side, even in one row of seams to allow the block to lay flat. There are no quilt police here.

Just relax.
B l o c k s   6 7,  6 8,  6 9

Available Tuesday April 18 at 10 am mountain

67 Molly Kool
68 Leone Norwood Farrell
69 Frances Oldham Kelsey

Relax and Enjoy! This is not a race.

April 11, 2017

Week 22 May the Best Woman Win

Week 22 and in Saskatchewan, the RCMP always got the right man thanks to the Canadian female Sherlock Holmes. Everyone start your engines. It's time to ride and may the best woman win.

B l o c k s   6 4,  6 5,  6 6

Available Tuesday 10 am Mountain Time.

64 Frances Gertrude McGill
65 Kathleen Coburn
66 Toni Sharpless

April 3, 2017

Week 21 blocks 61 to 63

This week the ladies are in a league of their own be it on the field, on the ice or on the water. All it takes are wits, skill, practice and a passion to do what you love.

B l o c k s   6 1,  6 2,  6 3

Available Tuesday at 10 am Mountain time.

61 Mary 'Bonnie' Geraldine Baker
62 Manon Rheaume
63 Fern Blodgett