May 29, 2017

Week 29 Blocks 85-87 Back to Reality.

Week 29 
Been away for two weeks and am still not back in the groove. Have 2 more days to get ready for the Lethbridge Quilt Show June 2 & 3. Stop by and see us beside the Wonderfil Thread booth. Will have fabrics at a great price.

Spent a beautiful Monday hiking in the Brown Lowery Provincial Park in the foothills. We sure cannot beat the beauty of the valleys and rolling foothills with the Canadian Rockies background. Am grateful to live in a beautiful part of the world.

These next three women's fields of expertise range from VON to orchestra conductor to art on the $10 bill. I am amazed at the variety of fields that Canadian born women have conquered and there being such little knowledge about them. Why is that? I am very grateful to discover these women I never would have known. Thank you Canada for turning 150.

B l o c k s  8 5,  8 6,  8 7

Available Tuesday at 10 am Mountain time.
85 Elizabeth Smellie
86 Ethel Stark
87 Kenojuak Ashevak


May 22, 2017

Week 28 at Quilt Market

St Louis Missouri was hot and muggy or rainy outside and cold and air conditiony inside. At times you had to go outside to warm up. 
This quilt, Second Chances by Rhonda Dort, is awesome. Speechless at the amount of handwork and intricate details in each 6" hexagon.

Week 28 - 
No these are not new blocks. They are blocks that you received last week in the double header. We are moving along rather grandly and hope you are as well. If you have competed them already, woo hoo, you have a week off.


May 14, 2017

Double Release - Blocks 79-81 and 82-84

Hope you all had a great Mother's Day! We spent ours on the back deck watching the birds at all the bird feeders and smelling the mayday flowers.

Weeks 27 and 28 are being released today, Monday, at the same time. So on Tuesday May 23 you will have a breather if you manage to complete all 6 this week. Finicky blocks are about half and half. Remember, the final seams can be pressed in different directions or pressed open so the block lays flat.

B l o c k s   7 9,  8 0,  8 1

B l o c k s   8 2,  8 3,  8 4

Available Monday at 10 am Mountain time.
79 Helen Galloway McNicoll
80 Carrie Matilda Derick
81 Florence Amelia Deeks
82 Claudia Joan Alexander
83 Jeanette Foster Kennedy Butchart
84 Pitseolak Ashoona

Double Enjoy!

May 8, 2017

On the down hill Blocks 76-78

It's been a busy week. Computer problems. Geesh what a pain! Very happy it's May. The grass is almost all green, the trees have their tiny leaves, the rhubarb is 9" high and the baby magpies are serenading. 

This week's women. One began the Grey Nuns, one began the Canadian Army Medical Corps Nursing Service and one engineered peaceful discussions for the fur trade. I've come to believe that Canada great because of the ingenious women of yesteryear.
Go girl go!

B l o c k s  7 6,  7 7,  78

Available Tuesday at 10 am Mountain time.
76 Marie Marguerite d'Youville
77 Georgina Fane Pope
78 Thanadelthur


May 1, 2017

Halfway - Blocks 73 to 75

Halfway! For me the year begins in September not January. So, in my corner of the world halfway is when mother nature starts waking up all the trees and flowers, and the birds are nesting. This year the mayday tree and especially the rose bushes are early. And that means life begins anew.

Woohoo, we are also halfway to 150! The program has gone unbelievably fast. No matter if you are just saving for later or just beginning or up to date, it's been so much fun. We love seeing all your blocks on the facebook group 150 CW Quilt Along. All of you are doing so well.

This week two of the women learned their way around the courtroom and the third learned her way around the sky. Even though we have already learned about 72 amazing women, I am still amazed at how the women no matter where they were and what they did, met the same doors, looked through the same windows, worked their way through the same adversities and accomplished so much more than they probably ever dreamed of. They all pursued what they loved. It makes me proud to be a woman and very thankful I am.

B l o c k s   7 3,  7 4,  7 5

Available Tuesday May 2 at 10 am Mountain.

72 Violet King
73 Emily Ferguson Murphy
74 Eileen Vollick

For those of you that are making the 72 block quilt the instructions are on this page under Connector Corner on square with Fabric Diagrams - just above the blocks.