June 24, 2019

Oh Good It's Raining Today.

   This was the early morning greeting between Christmas last year and Jan 6 this year at the World Junior Hockey Games in Vancouver BC. And oh look it's been last week and today's greeting as well. Oh, and look, rain for the next 5 days.🙀

   Well, I have to say it is a be careful what you ask for Monday as on the weekend I didn't feel like hiking today. As it turns out, Park's information says the trail is extremely soft or muddy due to 11cm/4.5in rain and is highly vulnerable to damage. That's great as I can now finish up the pattern for the latest panel that came in to Quiltnasium. Remember the 60's and early 70's all you flower children. 

This is the modern day pattern, 1-2-3-4, approx 56"x68". A fabulous quilt for all the cat lovers out there.

   Ah, summer! Isn't life grand? Mom, didn't think so when I brought her another present. She was very happy that she had the screen door closed when I arrived with the present. Unfortunately, the mouse died before I could bring it inside to her. I don't understand, she keeps talking about our first year anniversary coming up and she doesn't appreciated the early gifts being brought inside. Geesh, Humans! 

June 17, 2019

There Comes A Time

   Here we are at the Lethbridge Festival of Quilts.

If you did not make it to Lethbridge Festival of Quilts, you missed a fabulous show. The quilts were awesome. This one especially caught my eye. Do you recognize it? It's in multi colour. And what is even better, this 150 Canadian Women quilt by Terri Forbis won viewers choice. Congratulations Terri.
The ribbons are cool because the guild members make the blocks and the ribbon company makes them into a spectacular ribbon.

   There comes a time in every website's life when it has to send out emails. The time for Quiltnasium is now. Go here to sign up at the top of the page to receive notices on special offers. These emails are planned to go out on Thursdays. We figure these emails are the best way to let y'all know what specials are happening. Thank you in advance for signing up.

   Hiking was excellent today. We saw deer, mountain goats, mountain sheep and a momma grizzly with three one year old cubs on the drive to the trail head. Pics to follow from a guy that had a long range camera on the grizzly. 

June 10, 2019

Off To Lethbridge

   We are off to Lethbridge Quilt Show this week. This show happens every two years and is a fabulous show. The guild members are very creative and artistic. When you are there be sure to stop at our booth. The shop will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. See you in Lethbridge.
   Last Monday I attended a quilt show put on by the Okotoks quilt guild. Peggy had her 150 Canadian Women's quilt reverently displayed in the church. I was in awe to see the quilt in the church while remembering all the women that we learned about.

   This quilt is designed and created by my sister. It has crocheted doilies by her, mom and mom's mom. Each doily is painstakingly hand sewn to the quilt top. The flying geese around the center added a wonderful other dimension to the doilies. A fantastic keepsake.

Remember to visit us in Lethbridge on Friday or Saturday.

June 3, 2019

Sew You Want To Quilt

   The preemptive lecture to Boot Camp 101, Sew You Want To Quilt, is on Quiltnasium's class list. Three different days, same lecture. We are talking about all the supplies you require or not, from fabric to sewing machines. Even if you've been sewing for a long time you may still pick up a tidbit.
   We've also added Sew Pieceful days in June. Bring a friend and lunch and sew to your hearts content.

   I just love it when all the trees are in flower. Looks like the crabapple tree will be loaded this year.

   My apologies for those that were at the shop early Sunday. Good ole Kitty brought in a live mouse. I'd been thinking she's been gone a long time when a couple minutes later she comes running in with a mouse. When I picked her up she dropped the mouse. Oh No, it's alive! Crap! When I grabbed it it bit me. Great off to urgent care to get a tetanus and now combined diphtheria shot. One thing about it, after dragging the reclining chair outside, that it was under and jumped up into, it made me finally rearrange and downsize some of the stuff that was hanging around that corner and on the chair that I've procrastinated about for years.

  He He He. You should have seen mom. I bring her a present and she's like get out of the house. Now, that's a fine howdy doody. Then she tries picking me up to put me and the mouse outside and I dropped it. Then the fun began. Everything's away from the chair and stuff was taken off the chair that I could never lay on because there was no room. Then she flips the recliner over and goes to grab the mouse. Gone. Gone into the chair she hopes. She's trying to get me to help find the mouse now, and I'm like it's more interesting watching her move everything and close all the doors and stick towels under them so the mouse cannot get into that room. Oh so exciting! And now mom's dragging the recliner outside onto the deck. 'Hooray' she says, the mouse is in the chair outside and not in the house. So now all the furniture is rearranged and all is well on my part. Whew, what a fun morning!