August 27, 2012

There Done! Oops!

Two more tops completed. Yeah I'm done!
Same quilt but different. Modern fabrics vs civil war/Jo Morton fabrics.

Let's clean up and take inventory. OHHHH NOOOO! Two more quilts are needed. Oh one just needs a border. Whew!
Now and for certain, only one more quilt top to be pieced. No problem!

August 14, 2012

Two Done Two More To Do

Woohoo! Two more quilt tops done. Tropical Breeze in traditional fabrics, i.e. shirtings, calicos, civil war... prints.

And Elegance in batik. With many thanks to a great friend I only had to add the borders.

Yep, the backs are pieced and ready for the quilter.

August 6, 2012

Another Elegance Done

It's done within a week. Thank goodness the Olympics are on as that is the only thing worthwhile listening to on tv while I'm piecing. Even the back, in back art, is complete.