February 27, 2017

End of February Blocks 46-48

It's the last day of February, the snow is still here and it's cold. Last Thursday it was a balmy t-shirt and shorts and melting snow weather. Today we are longing to be lounging. March 1 will tell the tale, will it come in like a lion or lamb.

Week 16 - This week we are looking for gold, exploring Canada and playing music all because of lost love.

B l o c k s   4 6,  4 7,  4 8

Available Tuesday February 28 at 10 am Mountain time
        46 Kathleen Parlow
47 Katherine Ryan
48 Charlotte Small


February 20, 2017

150 CW Blocks 43-45 Week 15

On Monday I had the pleasure of talking to Pat Sloan, host of American Patchwork & Quilting Radio, about the 150 Canadian Women program. Great Fun!

Week 15 - We are a tenth of way along. Everyone still hanging in there?
It is so amazing how far women have progressed yet it stays the same as yesterday. Some women I know are avid sports fans by either participating or watching, some operate very successful businesses like there was no tomorrow and some do both. I say just do it!
 B l o c k s     4 3,  4 4,  4 5

Available Tuesday February 21 at 10 am Mountain time
43 Alexandrine Gibb
44 Marilyn Grace Bell
45 Eliza Maria Jones (nee Harvey)

American Patchwork & Quilting Podcast

Crazy Monday. Today the exciting news is to invite you to listen to the American Patchwork and Quilting podcast hosted by Pat Sloan. Pat is one of quilting's favourite people. Always creating, promoting and sharing everything quilting.

Today is a little different as I am one of her guests talking about the 150 Canadian Women program.

February 13, 2017

150 Canadian Women Blocks 40-42

Excellent piecing quilt warriors. We made it thru Block 37. I'm chalking Block 37 to sinus infection and one of those days. Don't fret Block 40 is similar only larger and fewer pieces.  Blocks 41 and 42 smaller but similar to what we've done previously.

B l o c k s   4 0,  4 1,  4 2

Many have not figured out what to do with the reflection page. Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with one participant. She is making this quilt for her very young grand daughter and on the reflection page she is journaling what they did that day, the weather, etc. 

Available Tuesday February 14 at 10 am Mountain time

40 Margaret Newton
41 Agnes Deans Cameron
42 Joan Bamford Fletcher

As always have fun!

February 9, 2017

Beautiful Snow

“Kindness is like snow. It beautifies everything it covers” Kahlil Gibran

Yes it does, but does it have to be with 10" and -30 the next couple days? Fortunately, this is Sunny Alberta where the sun shines almost everyday. And Calgary where the Chinooks blow in and melt the snow.

Block 37 can be a pain, but thanks to Julie Stocker you can see how she made the block on her blog Pink Doxies.

February 6, 2017

Blocks 37-39 - 150 Canadian Women

A! Sugar 'n Spice! Bleep! are the words of the week.

It certainly was when I was piecing Block 37. That week I had a sinus infection and major cough and everything was in slow motion. Now one would think that that would help, as you are relaxed and taking your time. Not this time! I finally resorted to the what is old is new again, paperless paper piecing. Voila! It is perfect. Well maybe not by someone else's standard, but it is my perfect. That's all that counts.

This block has just proved again that there are many ways to piece blocks. If one way doesn't work, another way will. Just don't get discouraged. I cannot remember how many frogs were hanging around those couple of days.

For another bonus, Blocks 38 and 39 are easy. Keep up the great work. Remember to have fun and feel that sense of accomplishment when done. Woohoo, be proud, treat yourself!

Are you ready? Here they are.

B l o c k s   3 7,  3 8,  3 9
Available Tuesday February 7 by 10 am Mountain.

37  Mary Meager Southcott
38  Roberta Catharine MacAdams Price
39  Dr Maud Menten
Enjoy and have fun.

February 2, 2017

Quilting Queenie Shadow

We cannot believe that we are 11 weeks into the 150 Canadian Women program. All you '150 Quilt Warriors' are creating fabulously. It is so inspiring to see all the combinations of fabrics and colours on the 150 CW Quilt Along page.

 Here in Calgary,


See you on Tuesday.