January 27, 2020

One Quilt Top Finished - Fabric Bolt Shelves

   And 100 more to go. Well not quite, but sure feels like it. This Paddle Wheel pattern from All People Quilt was used in a class for paperless paper piecing. Because I didn't follow instructions about there being a kit with the paper, I had copied the pattern onto a vellum type paper. Oh boy, there was no waxy side that you could iron the fabric to. Plus I wasn't going to pay for the kit. (rebel) So I used a fabric glue stick and it worked excellently. A dab is all that was needed either on the fabric or paper, then press. The fabric wasn't sticky when the paper came off. Whew, all is well.
Paddle Wheel
   Because I'm trying to finish these quilts to be used as large laps or twins, how do you make this table topper larger without a lot of piecing? Design in EQ8 of course. So yes, made twelve more triangle blocks added HSTs and solid squares, and voila, an abstract flower. The paperless paper piecing, which I love due to no ripping out paper, took about 6 hours but, the rest was very quick. (trick was to piece a section of the 6 blocks of the same fabric then press, then trim and piece another section, instead of each block separately)
abstract flower
I especially like this image in negative format. Hmmm, will have to try it. Maybe change the three triangle block to a different pattern.
abstract flower negative
p.s. the weather is a balmy 35+F or +5C. Shorts and t-shirt weather.

Besides the fabric and notions on sale, the fabric bolt shelves are for sale as well. We will be using different shelving in the new place. Call or email us at ask at quiltnasium dot com.

January 22, 2020


48" wide x 24.5" deep x 82" high
Baltic Birch, Custom constructed.

   We are moving. Do you need backs for your quilts? Fabric 44" wide on sale $13 per meter or $10 per meter. Notions 20% off. See Quiltnasium's website.
Painted Meadows
Shelving for sale because we will be using different shelving. Call or email us.

  I'm going to shamefully grovel. Please purchase either because we don't want to move it all to the new location.

January 13, 2020

Day 1 and 40 Below

   Well it feels like 40 below. Good thing we are inside folding more fabric. I swear that there is a fabric fairy that hides fabric in all sorts of places. But, how come they don't cut out the pieces or bind the quilts. ( I've always not liked doing the first and the last step of quilt making.)
   Yep, there are 48 boxes cotton and 8 boxes batiks. So we are down to the even smaller pieces. Folding and measuring and labeling, and measuring, labeling and more folding. How small is too small? Where is the end of all this?
  The floor guys are finally here. Before carpet.

Day one. Sub floor over the sub floor.
Stay warm out there.

January 7, 2020

New Decade, Year, Month, Idea, Path, Journey

  This year our journey is taking the next step down the next path. For some reason 2020 is very comfortable and exciting. I don't know whether it is the sound of 2020 or that it is seeing 2020, but, 2020 is the time.

   I'm thinking this should be called True Confession Reality.  As you know, we, that's the royal we, are in the stages of reorganizing. There are now 50 boxes of regular cotton. Batiks, yikes, I never realized how much in the batik collection until it was all gathered together, two shelves and two bins. Of course some of these fabrics now found and can be used to finish old, forgotten and found WIPs. 

   While folding the fabric I realized that most of the fabric was highly textured. Why did I choose this fabric, and why, and how was it going to mix and match together? Even though the mind is going yes, we get to buy fabric, the heart is saying, oh no. Thinking back to the garment days, my clothes were wild and crazy colours and texture. Outlandishly funny seeing as how I worked in corporate oil patch drafting, designing and negotiating with all the blue suited men. They probably wondered what was up with this lady and how did she get here. Digression. The other day these forgotten quilts were found. Texture and texture and more texture. So, no problem putting new quilts together. Relearning curve ahead.
8 textures

8 textures

6 textures
  So don't be afraid of texture? If you cut it up small enough no one will know what the original texture looked like.