April 20, 2020

Clean, Listen, Observe

   The only good thing about not having the cleaning lady come in or vacuuming and dusting for a month is that you can see if you missed a spot when you clean.
   Have you noticed there is no traffic noise, no people noise, only nature's noise and beauty?

   Sunday, Princess Sassy Pants & Co sent out this message, 'Shhh...Listen'. I had already been sitting quietly drinking hot chocolate out on the deck enjoying the quietness, walking down to the garden, watching kitty hunting on and around the dry bed waterfall;

listening to the geese honking at the fox running across the lake ice; avoiding the rabbit pooh;

looking at the Schubert and May Day tree starting to bud;

watching the snow melt; awing at the new rhubarb and day lily shoots poking their heads out from under last year's foliage; 

feeling the warm sun rays shining down from a blue cloudless sky. Ahh! 

Have a great week!

April 13, 2020

Scrub Bags

   First, remember all the complaining I was doing when reorganizing The Stash? All the measuring, labelling and filing of the fabric is now a god send. I'm so excited because a lady in my neighbourhood sent a call out for fabric to make or to actually make scrub bags for the nurses and doctors in a couple of hospitals here in Calgary. Oh yeah, down to the stash and pull, pull, pull. She wanted between .75m/30" and 1m/40" pieces. Awesome, a quick run through the fabric stash colour wall and voila, two boxes, 200 m, a bit larger than banker boxes, and a small bag of fabric ready for pickup. I'm so excited. 😂

   Now I'm thinking I should have gone though the bins of less than 1m/39" measured, labelled and folded fabric in the bins. Oh well. Well, don't I get phone call for fabric to make scrub bags for other hospitals. Woohoo. So through the bins to pull and fill another two boxes and a small bag, 200 m more ready for pickup. More happiness.😂

OMG, this made my day!
Hope your day was as excellent!

April 6, 2020

Locked In

   Help, I'm locked in the house and the car. Do you have cabin fever? I've bound quilts, finished tops, pieced backs and cut more WIPs. I hate to say this, it was a pleasure when we were moving the quilt shop to the new location, Chaparral, main level of the house. Just getting in the car and driving the ring roads around the city was pure pleasure. 

For another reason there was relatively no traffic. Pure open road. If only it was a summer like day and cruising in a convertible. It even felt good to get out to shovel the driveway. Geesh, I can't believe my inner voice just typed that.

Someone said that moving companies are essential workers. Maybe we can get someone to move the store furniture so that everything in boxes can be put away. Boxes and fabric stacked everywhere in the middle of the room and down hallways. Hindsight we should have moved on the original date March 1 instead of 31.

   Ah enough ranting! The latest WIP is a kit I won from P&B Textiles at Quilt Market. The free table topper pattern Citrus Sayings. How appropriate, it says 'squeeze the day make lemonade'.