November 17, 2010

Reorganization One Month

First fabric group

 Tis a slow process. Almost all fabric not slated for projects is folded. Thought this was all, but found more yesterday.
I am so excited that this is it; thought there was way more. Just shows how the mind exaggerates is not as devastating as once thought. This is 16 bins from this room plus 5 bins from another room and bagged fabric. Still have project fabric to organize. It's interesting to note that all this fabric is from before and after owning the store. While owning my store, I only purchased a dozen pieces of fabric to take home.

Folded waiting for better shelving
Now, one might think hooray that is not much fabric and others would say are you crazy, but, always a but, there are also many bolts of fabric. Some bolts were cherry picked out from the fabric that the new owner did not want, put on consignment for one year and discounted. The other bolts were for new quilt designs. Should these bolts be counted in my personal stash or am I delusional.

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