January 5, 2011

A New Year

I never tire of this gorgeous west view no matter which season. Today is especially grand as the mountains are at the front door.
This reminds me of a comment a newly arrived Easterner (a Toronto, Ontario, Canada person) said to me back in the 70's.
'The postcards are not fake; the mountains are actually that close!'

This new year also brings a fresh start to messy, disorganized rooms. Ok, so it started in October. Both the work tables and the APQ George table are finally cleared. There are 17, yes 17, large (58qt/55L) empty totes stacked in front of George.
It seems the WIP Fairy has been at work again. The more the reorganizing continues the more wip's are uncovered. Here are four more tops that are now ready for quilting. Thank goodness three are table topper/wall hanging size. The larger one on the work tables is the 'BWR Windmill' quilt in blue.

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