December 8, 2012

Canadian Maple Leaf Quilt

Finally, enough time to spend this morning catching up on all the blogs that I love to follow and visiting many more. I love being a Canadian, am extremely proud to say I was born a Canadian and even though it gets so cold that you have to wear long underwear, I love living in Canada! Especially living in Calgary where the mountains are so close and the skies are so blue.

Many years ago, when P&B Textiles created a fantastic red & white maple leaf border, I designed a red and white quilt to show my patriotism to Canada. Many people made it for their kids going away to college/university outside of Canada. For years now a twin size Canadian flag quilt design has been rolling around in my head.  But, Cheryl at Dining Room Empire has come up with an even better idea. Check out her Canadian flag quilt! Gotta love, love, love it!

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