December 1, 2013

#799 Which Way Chinook

Is it true! Pinch, pinch, ouch!
It's almost last but not least - they saved the best for almost last! Well, that's what I'm going with. :o)
799 that is a great number. It's lucky number 7 + Gretsky 99, for those hockey fans out there.
'Which Way' #799, volume 8, Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks.

See page 14 for the Which Way quilt and page 86 Brownstone where Quiltmaker tested the block.

Some postings have mentioned 'Chinook'. On last Tuesday's hike, there was a Chinook arch coming in from over the Rocky Mountains. This arch eventually moves east bring very warm weather. For Calgarians, it raises the temperature so it feels like spring and melts much of the snow. Sometimes there can be a very dramatic rise in temperature, i.e. from 30 below F to 30 above F. But, as all good things must come to an end, winter will be back on Monday. How wonderful!

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