July 23, 2015

Thread The Needle Day

Saturday, Thread the Needle Day is going to be a fantastic day for sewers, piecers and quilters alike. Thread the needle can also mean walking a fine line to either spend time at your machine or with the family.
Solution: Put the sewing machine in the family room and sew to your heart's content while the family watches tv or plays games. OR: sit outside with the family sewing while they play or work in the yard.
I'll be working on the latest pattern for Northcott, Duet Duo. What will you be working on?
Duet 40"x45" for Quilts For Kids

Duo 69"x76"

 As much as I say no more novelties and panels, the more I love how cute they are and want them for myself.

This year, I joined a hiking group. What a fun and a fantastic group to walk straight up the mountain with!
The latest venture was to Picklejar, a series of 4 lakes with excellent fishing. Nothing like high altitude clear cold fresh water fish. Even though we did not fish, there were numerous young people passing us quickly packing fishing gear. Then thinking again, I'm not that adventurous to climb 3500 feet straight up to go fishing.
We had our lunch on this side of the ridge. some even sat on the ridge. The lake is on the other side of the ridge.


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