December 26, 2016

Happy New Year - Blocks 19 to 21

It's Week #7

Did Santa find you?

We are getting our fill of hockey watching the World Juniors in Montreal. The kids play with so much heart.

Many of you surprised your DH when you knew about Viola Desmond. Now, you can surprise your DH again.

Do you follow NASCAR? Do the men in your life follow NASCAR? Well, Start Your Engines! This week you will learn a bit about a young lady that is up and coming in NASCAR. Google her after you read her brief bio.

The three blocks are up and waiting for you to download by clicking here. Remember to scroll down the page.

Don't panic, if you miss a week, you can purchase a CD at the end of the program for 50% off!

You can also purchase fabrics separately.  

B l o c k s  1 9 ,  2 0 ,  2 1 


The weekly emails are going to be coming from our blog in 2017.

So we need you to :
1. Go to the blog
2. On the right side enter your email address in the 'Follow by Email' box.
3. Click Submit.
4. Then go to your email to confirm.

Please bear with us as we make this change. You will receive two emails for the next few weeks until we get everyone transferred over and cease using mailchimp for The Next Step e-news.

Thank you for your patience. It is greatly appreciated.

Block 19
Dr. Roberta Bondar
Block 20
Sarah Emma Evelyn Edmonds
Block 21
Amber Balcaen


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  2. I agree with the previous person...when I click on the link, it just takes me to the previous blocks.

  3. 10 am mountain time but are up now