March 27, 2017

Week 20 Two Fifths Along

How is everyone doing? So far so good? 
Spent last week with Louisa Smith in her Double Vision class put on by Empty Spools at Asilomar Conference Grounds. Asilomar is a State Park. It is a rustic very peaceful place across the street from the ocean. The sand is so fine it is soft. If you are so inclined check out Empty Spools Seminars.

Unbelievable, we have learned about 60 inspiring Canadian born women.  It still seems like this journey started only yesterday.

B l o c k s   5 8,   5 9,   6 0

Available Tuesday at 10 am Mountain time.
58 Leonora Howard King
59 Jean Lumb
60 Laura Goodman Salverson

Have fun!


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  2. I am still enjoying the blocks and the Canadian Women the blocks represent. I was late getting started and didn't have the write ups for the first three, so I added my Grandmothers write up for them. I have since received the real write ups but Have kept my grandmother's too. Thank you so much for all the effort and creativity you have put into this.