April 24, 2017

Week 24 Blocks 70 to 72

Eight more months until Christmas. Your early Christmas present is we've reached block 72. The 72 block quilt would be a great quilt for Canada's 150th birthday on July 1, 2017.

Now that you are all so excellent at piecing HSTs, these blocks are less intense. We will be working our way back up to intensity through out May, then less intense again. You quilt warriors are all spectacular. Keep up the fantastic work!

Instructions for the 65"x72" and 77"x84" quilts will be available on-line next week.

These three ladies believed in speaking up with dignity for women and society, and changed how we treat people.

B l o c k s   7 0,  7 1,  7 2
Available Tuesday April 25 at 10 am Mountain time.

Carrie Best
Jeanne Sauvé
Agnes Macphail


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  1. I couldn't download the pattern for Block 72.If you could help me with that I would really appreciate it.The picture came up with the download underneath it and while I download the first 2 the download button disappeared for the third one.