June 12, 2017

Blocks 91-93 Deck Whipper Snipping Connection

It's been one of those weeks. Everything in order. Not. Well yes, but lots of added extras.

It started out great. The 150 Canadian Women quilt program is featured in Quilter's Connection magazine summer 2017 issue.

Then what started out as a simple deck reno has turned into a complete re-build. I had an idea about what the problems were but hoped the solution would be a board here and a board there. But nope. It was like opening a can of worms. 

Thirdly, I was in such a hurry to whipper snip and mow the grass that this beautiful iris was whipper snipped. For some reason it wanted to be put into water and lo and behold look what appeared the next day. I've never noticed the beards before. Awesome.

Week 31 a naturalist, a questionable business woman, and an unstoppable nurse and midwife.

150 Canadian women quilt along blocks 91-93
B l o c k s   9 1,  9 2,  9 3

Available Tuesday 10 am Mountain time.

91 Maud Watt
92 Sophie Morigeau
93 Kirkina (Elizabeth Jefferies) Mucko

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