January 8, 2018

Quilter Wasn't In

Well okay, I confess, I've been on the couch. Didn't do a darn thing last week except watch chick flicks and sappy feel good movies and on Monday had a home made 4 hour lunch with wine at a girlfriend's home. Yes, I know that the next quilt program is just around the corner. However, the fabric wasn't going together as I wanted it to so it was decided that a break was required for rejuvenation. 

The other thing that was decided is that the 13 biweekly 2018 program will start March 6 and end in August. Details are still to come. My apologies to those that are eager to purchase fabric and begin the program.

Here's to a more productive week,


  1. Never rush life Kat. Hope you had a fabulous week. It felt good to just kick back and veg.

  2. Sounds like a perfect relaxing time!