January 14, 2019

Tomorrow Never Comes

   How was your week last week? You know the saying about not putting it off today because tomorrow never comes. Oh so true it is already on Monday today. We are down to the nitty gritty details of finalizing where fabric, notions, tables, chairs, equipment are going to be in the studio. Put it here, no put it there, no it looks better here, no it fits better there. Geesh, will it ever work. At least the phone and fax are now up and running.

OOPS picture to be added here tomorrow.

  Are you working diligently working on your Splendid Sampler II blocks? Once I got all the applique blocks completed, I cut out all the pieced blocks ready to be sewn together. Wow it only takes 30-60 minutes to sew them together. The fabric for each block is stored on the appropriate page. I have to keep the book in a large plastic bag so none of the fabric falls out.

These three are: (L clockwise) Trip to the Quilt Shop by Laura Kay Houser. My favourite part is the N S E W compass direction in the centre. LOL love the acronym which am making up 'Now SEW'. Next is Creative Harmony by Gudrun Erla. Love the yin yang thing happening. Be sure to check out her tutorial on how to use the Stripology Mini Ruler. Last is Rob Appell's Octopus block. Check out how he up sized the block.

The final two blocks: (L to R) Metropolis by Susan Guzman. She has a thread giveaway happening. Then Adventure Abounds by Kitty Wilkin. She has great paper piecing tips. 

   Oh my the weather has been fabulous. Even though cool, there hasn't been any snow. My favourite part has been security checking what goes on in the back yard making sure that the mice are staying away. My next favourite thing is hanging around with mom.

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