March 26, 2019

Four Blocks and a Renovation

   Great weather, snow melted, suntan started, four blocks and a renovation. How's that for the week? Answer, exhausting.

   Splendid Sampler II next four blocks. My version is called Sunnyside Up. Hello Sunshine you bring the Happy Days of summer and

I welcome with Open Arms the Radio Silence to hear the birds sing, the bees buzz and the crickets chirp (yes, chirp).

   Meanwhile back at the shop studio, we are renovating. Yes, it's only been 6 weeks and we need more room. My brother-in-law says that a woman needs three trys at moving things around before everything is in order. This is number two. time will only tell when and what will happen in number three.

   Now that Spring is officially here, the weather has been so great that I've been checking out all the backyard, mud and all. Not much happening, ie no mice scampering around yet. Lots of birds but I feel like chasing something.

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