March 29, 2021

Paper Sky Final Block

  Whoa, Block 9 for Paper Sky is on See video on Quiltnasium Quilt Along by Kat facebook page.

paper sky block 9

   We have been working on resizing the 150 Canadian blocks from 6" to 3" and adding more blocks. If you are interested in creating a smaller replica with more blocks email us at ask at quiltnasium dot com. This program is blocks only, no women biographies. I'm making mine in the range of bright lime greens, ie yellow green to blue green, on a mottled gray background. Too Cute! I'm liking these even more at 3".


    It's a very early Spring for Calgary. The chickadees tried making a nest inside the window batten. The squirrel is shredding cardboard for its nest.

Even the rabbits are turning colour. Let's hope we rain. The snow was so dry this year we maybe got a couple inches of water out of it which ran off the frozen ground and into the gutter. Dry snow, powdery, 10-12" equals 1" rain. 

   First mouse of the season. I'm such a fabulous hunter. Didn't loose my touch over the winter. (ha onto the nails and sizzle on butt) Just had to give mom her first present of the year. Now let me in for my treat.

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