September 8, 2011

Mystery Final Chapter

Here we are at the final chapter of the Mystery. I hope you enjoyed the journey. There are pictures of other color variations that you can try.

Mystery is no longer available. Stay tuned for another mystery in the spring.

It's finally a hot summer here even though it is September. I guess technically it really is still summer because the first day of Fall is in October. Even the poplar trees are still green.

I always feel like saying Happy New Year September 1. Don't you think this is the beginning of the year? Everyone gets back into a routine and most groups/institutes start their programs at this time.

You may have noticed that the previous post was by Jo. She is a great friend and cohort. Jo enjoys quilting period. She is one of those that actually pieces every day. She tests my patterns, sews my samples and gives me a kick when I need one to move forward. Jo recently purchased one of APQS' first midarm, longarm at that time, quilting machine. It's like working on a Featherweight. Hums along beautifully!

Jo will be periodically blogging at Next Step Quilt Designs. Her enthusiasm for quilting is contagious so stay tuned!

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