September 7, 2011

Summer Daze

Summer is over, boo hoo, and the city is back to normal. Because of all the construction projects, the one hour drive across the city is back to two hours. 

The design wall is getting fuller by the hour. Kat is experimenting with 'modern quilt' fabric in her traditional “block of the month” blocks. It works for those who like blended quilts, which we do. Well I do; Kat is experimenting. Here is a portion of her Summer Daze block of the month.

Many modern quilts look somewhat simplistic but in studying many of the websites with Modern quilts, I came to notice that the only restriction is my own fear in using whatever fabric you want. Kat noticed that many Modern quilts use plain white for a background giving the quilts a clean look. The impression that many modern quilts are just large pieces of modern fabric sewn together doesn’t hold true for us either. Anyway, a new door is now open for us to try and we have found another reason to add more fabric to our stash.

Slow posting and slow sewing. All though I did quilt the Summer Daze quilt myself on an old (l988) “midarm” longarm quilting machine (that doesn’t sound right), the fact is that the last time I quilted on any type of longarm machine was back in the early nineties. A pretty fair job if I do say so myself.

The next modern quilt is also done is ready to go on the Midarm quilting machine. I love how the colors worked in the unusual setting. The simple border really showcases the blocks.

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