February 9, 2013

Quilt Diva Challenge

Another challenge! The members of the Canadian Quilting Association, CQA, put out a challenge to the Board. Now, one of the ladies on the Board, who shall be nameless, has a mind that works in outlandish ways. Therefore, this challenge has taken on a whole new meaning.

JW sent each of us a Quilt Diva by Amy Bradley pattern. We are to make a vest with the quilt diva on the back. Oh gee, do I really want to do this - nopee; the vest now has to be 48" long - oh brother it'll be down to my knees; too lazy to shrink the pattern down - have to go all the way to Staples; do not want another vest - have 15 already; do not want to make the diva herself -  aaahhh, how about being the Diva. So now this vest is being revised. It's also scarry to say that most of the diva outfit is somewhere in my wardrobe.

The CQA Board ladies will be wearing their vests at the CQA conference, Quilt BC in Penticton in May. Follow us on the conference blog or the CQA blog.


  1. NICE, 'outlandish'...come on, how about creative, original...... LOL=)))
    btw, the vest is gorgeous! I gotta raid your closet.

  2. Great vest! The quilt diva is wonderful. All together at CQA your group will look fabulous!