May 8, 2017

On the down hill Blocks 76-78

It's been a busy week. Computer problems. Geesh what a pain! Very happy it's May. The grass is almost all green, the trees have their tiny leaves, the rhubarb is 9" high and the baby magpies are serenading. 

This week's women. One began the Grey Nuns, one began the Canadian Army Medical Corps Nursing Service and one engineered peaceful discussions for the fur trade. I've come to believe that Canada great because of the ingenious women of yesteryear.
Go girl go!

B l o c k s  7 6,  7 7,  78

Available Tuesday at 10 am Mountain time.
76 Marie Marguerite d'Youville
77 Georgina Fane Pope
78 Thanadelthur



  1. I got the blocks but usually there is a redirect to download the pattern.That didn't happen.

    1. Click on the names of the women. The blocks are always found on the same page on the website under Programs under 150 Canadian Women