September 18, 2017

Week 45 Blocks 133-135

Brrr it's cold outside. We lost 40 degrees F this week. 
The trees are yellow. Check.
The leaves are falling. Check.
The gas fireplace pilot light is lit. Check.
The heavier quilt is on the bed. Check.
The flannel pj's are on. Check.
The cocoa is hot. Check.
Like a friend of mine says 'I hope we aren't getting the weather you're dressed for.' Check.

So it's now a great time to concentrate harder on quilting. Last week you saw the pile of scraps. This week here are two blocks from the pile of scraps.

There is quite a range of expertise between the next three women, from medical research to agriculture research on ruminant nutrition and cows' methane gas to bandit. All very exciting.

B l o c k s  1 3 3,  1 3 4,  1 3 5

133 Eva Vertes 
134 Karen Beauchemin 
135 Pearl 'Bandit Queen' Taylor Hart


1 comment:

  1. Stay warm! We aren't there yet, but I'm ready. It was 86 today with 93% humidity, and I'm over that stuff. LOL