September 11, 2017

Week 44 Blocks 130-132 Scraps of Red

Do you still have red fabric scraps? You will if you purchased the kits. This is a preview of the 2 scrappy red and background quilts designed to clean your red and background.

Week 44 - 22/25ths complete. Did you ever think you would get this far? It was touch and go about halfway through when the blocks had smaller pieces to deal with. But, we pulled through and are the downhill slide almost to the bottom of the blocks and fabric. Hallelujah!

This week we introduce 3 exciting women, a world traveller, an investigative journalist and a Major-General.

B l o c k s   1 3 0,  1 3 1,  1 3 2

130 Aloha Wanderwill (Idris Hall)
131 Alice Freeman aka Faith Fenton 
132 Major-General Tammy Harris


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