June 24, 2019

Oh Good It's Raining Today.

   This was the early morning greeting between Christmas last year and Jan 6 this year at the World Junior Hockey Games in Vancouver BC. And oh look it's been last week and today's greeting as well. Oh, and look, rain for the next 5 days.🙀

   Well, I have to say it is a be careful what you ask for Monday as on the weekend I didn't feel like hiking today. As it turns out, Park's information says the trail is extremely soft or muddy due to 11cm/4.5in rain and is highly vulnerable to damage. That's great as I can now finish up the pattern for the latest panel that came in to Quiltnasium. Remember the 60's and early 70's all you flower children. 

This is the modern day pattern, 1-2-3-4, approx 56"x68". A fabulous quilt for all the cat lovers out there.

   Ah, summer! Isn't life grand? Mom, didn't think so when I brought her another present. She was very happy that she had the screen door closed when I arrived with the present. Unfortunately, the mouse died before I could bring it inside to her. I don't understand, she keeps talking about our first year anniversary coming up and she doesn't appreciated the early gifts being brought inside. Geesh, Humans! 

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