July 8, 2019

Herding Stampeding Cats

   It's Calgary Stampede this week. Kitty must know this because Kitty's been herding mice and I've been herding Kitty and mice. But before we get into that, we've got to tell you about the 1-2-3-4 quilt pattern. It's done and kits or if you prefer fabric or pattern are ready to roll. See it at Quiltnasium.com. Video tutorial for the pattern is with the media guy and will be edited and ready for viewing soon.
This pattern can be adapted to any panel and coordinating fabric.

The next quilt we are working on uses a jelly roll of Moda's Metallic Confetti Ombre. Stay tuned.

  Did you see our facebook post last week about my version of the 150 Canadian Women quilt? Since the theme for the Calgary Stampede this year is Women of the West, the ladies that look after the Western Showcase hung the quilt in a display in the BMO center.

   As you know from past years, I am on the Breakfast Caravan committee for the Calgary Stampede serving up our famous pancakes, sausages and orange juice every morning during Stampede at various shopping malls in Calgary. Today, I got to meet Sonar, the mascot for the Navy Marines. What a big handsome dog!

   Now, back to herding. It's 4am and Kitty is outside. In the mornings she sits at the door and doesn't stop talking until you either feed her or let her out. It can be quite noisy. I'm getting ready to head out to the breakfast caravan mall and Kitty hasn't come in yet. Thinking that she's been gone awhile and that the screen door should be closed. But does it get closed. Guess? I no sooner turn around and in Kitty comes with another mouse. Oh crap, where are my gloves and plastic container?
Run get the gloves, because we know what happened last time, and the bucket. Come back, oh good the mouse looks like it's dead. Wrong. To be continued....

   Meow, meow, meow. Or should I meow, meowhoo (yahoo). It's Stampede time and time to round up the mice. Every time I'm about to herd up a mouse mom comes out and rounds me up and herds me into the house. She is leaving for work. Geesh, how can I get my work done when she keeps interfering.

Well, the other day I got another one, quickly got inside and started to play 8 seconds cat and mouse. Mom's like holy mouse, racing to get her leather gloves and bucket. So I got to play whack, chase and corner. Whew, it almost got under the fireplace door, then neither me nor mom would ever be able to get at it. Oh I can hear her now.

Oh oh, what's the matter mouse you're just laying there. Oops, no you're not. Whack and corner. Lay there. What! Mom what are you doing? The mouse is just laying there. You got to wait until it moves then whack it. Glove sweep and into the bucket. She may be good but now she ruined my playtime. Meom, meom, where are you taking the mouse? Why are you going out the front door and over to the park? Spoiler.

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