October 21, 2019

Gone to Quilt Market

   This week we're so excited to be going to Quilt Market. Our reason for going changes every time. Sometimes it's to see the new fabric collections. Sometimes it's to see new tools. Sometimes it's to see new patterns. Sometimes it's to see new techniques. Sometimes it's to learn new social media. And, it is always to catch up with old friends and meet new friends to see what they're doing at their shop.

   This is Alberta in the fall. I love it. Combines working from the no frost minute to the midnight early morning or frost minute. The only thing missing are the Rockies and cattle grazing in the west behind me.

   Meeeow, mom is going to market. My cat house sitter will be here. Shush, don't tell mom, he's so easy. Maybe we can share a mouse.

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